Ask Yourself: What questions do I get from other people?

Ask Yourself: What questions do I get from other people?


Ask yourself “What questions do I get from other people?”

Take a moment and think what others ask you on a regular basis. What tips do they want? What do they need help with? It’s probably related to your work, or maybe one of your talents or hobbies. Or maybe people don’t ask you anything at all. But they may regularly congratulate you on something you’ve accomplished, or they’re impressed with something you’re currently doing or something you’ve created.
If any of this happens to you – it’s your cue. Your cue to start adding value to other people’s lives by creating some content! Share your expertise. Tell your story. Teach your secrets!
Are there people who are more knowledgeable on a topic than you are?
Are there people out there with more experience than you?
Should any of that matter?
 Don’t assume you have to be an expert to help others. You have your own style. You have your own voice. You have your own story. Leverage that. 
Now let’s be practical for a moment. If you’ve just started developing a skill or hobby – it may not be the best time to create content. There are some exceptions of course, but generally you’ll need some experience before teaching others. As I said before, a good “cue” is when you start noticing a pattern of questions that people ask you.
But it’s not limited to that.
 You might also have a hidden talent that you want to share. You might have a great personal story that can motivate others. You may be extremely knowledgeable on certain topics that people wouldn’t even KNOW to ask you about. 
It’s all fair game. The point is to create something and put it online where more people can benefit from it.
So what are you waiting for?

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